Pure Vanilla
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Bringing you quality Vanilla from our farm to your table.

Ohana Honua

We are a Vanilla Farm located on the North Shores of Oahu in Laie, Hawaii.
Pure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract
Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

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One and a half fold of our pure Vanilla extract!  Which means it's 1 and a half times stronger than your regular Vanilla extract you buy from the store. Also, our Vanilla extract is very unique because it comes with 4 Vanilla beans split in the bottle. So the longer it sits in your pantry the stronger the Vanilla Extract will be also. But, Not only you have the Vanilla Beans itself, you are also getting the Vanilla beans Specs for that added goodness of extra Vanilla flavor and it looks Amazing in all you baking goods!


Home is Here

Join us as we share our story. Wednesday Oct 26, 2022 @ 730pm

Laie Vanilla Ohana

The picture on the left shows the humble beginnings 5 years ago. Fast forward to the to the picture on the right, we are so blessed to continue to do what we love. If you know our story, we were blessed with Vanilla. LVC Ohana you have been there for us from the beginning. You have been a blessing to my Laie Vanilla Ohana. Get your LVC shirts coming soon.

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Master Vanilla Grower-Saili Levi

"When you take care of the land, the land will take care of you."

Our Partners

Abigail Joslyn @ Honolulu Coffee Company
Chef Jose Gonzalez-Maya @ Monkeypod Kitchen
Chef Michelle Kar-Ueoka and Husband Chef Walter Ueoka @ Artizen Restaurant
Chef Robynne @ Fete Restaurant
Chef Chris Kajioka @ Miro Kaimuki
Braddah Nat @ Madres Chocolate
Master Baker Chris @ Breadshophnl
Chef Mimi @ Restaurant Senia
Chef Aline @ Koko Kai Coconut Yogurt
Chef Audrey Wang @ Four Seasons Ko'olina
Chef Keigo Yoshimoto @ Aloha Steakhouse Waikiki
Chef Patrick @ Ritz-Carlton La-Vie